Small Findomestic loans

Findomestic small loans are among the most used in Italy especially for purchases in large chain stores such as MediaWorld. This financial institution offers many solutions to meet everyone’s needs.

Small Findomestic Loans: What Are They?

Basically, these are loans, also payable to those who do not have a paycheck. The minimum amount starts at 1,000 euros. However, we specify that the maximum amount payable by Findomestic amounts to up to 60,000 euros. Having made this necessary premise, it is worth highlighting how to apply for small loans Findomestic is a choice that can be made for a variety of reasons.

Consequently, the final amount paid into your current account varies according to the type of project you want to finance. The last few years have seen a substantial increase in the demand for short-term bank loans for small amounts of money. Why? Often, various unforeseen expenses have to be faced, including legal and medical ones; on other occasions, however, you may want to make a dream come true or make a project already postponed several times. That’s why small Findomestic loans find fertile ground.

Requirements for obtaining small Findomestic loans

The age between 18 and 75 years, the availability of a current account, residence in Italy are essential requirements for obtaining a small loan with Findomestic. Having a permanent employment contract or a pension, however higher than the minimum, is a decidedly preferential requirement, as it is synonymous with certain monthly income and zero risk exposures.

Being loans of a rather small amount, Findomestic also meets the needs of those who do not have a paycheck. In this case, however, the presence of a guarantor is required. The situation is much more difficult as regards protests and bad payers. In this case a solution could be to apply for a loan with bills.

Repayment plan: examples of Findomestic’s commercial proposals

In terms of credit solutions, Findomestic offers are decidedly galore, all of which can be made to measure. To give an example, it is possible to request a sum of money equal to 5,000 euros and evaluate which is the repayment plan that best suits your needs. The period in which the debt can be paid varies from 18 to 84 months. In the first case, the monthly payment will amount to 292.20 euros with a fixed TAN of 6.46% and a fixed APR of 6.65% ; while in the second case, the monthly payment will correspond to 77.10 euros, with fixed TAN andFixed APR equal to 7.66% and 7.94% respectively.

In the middle, of course, a whole series of really interesting commercial proposals are available. To find out more, it is worth using the internal simulator on the Findomestic website, typing the amount of money you are aspiring for and making all the necessary assessments.

What is so special about Findomestic’s commercial offers for small loans?

In a nutshell, the competitive advantage of the Findomestic proposals relating to small amounts lies primarily in the maximum level of flexibility, as well as in the expenses, corresponding to zero. In fact, there are no expenses for the investigation, much less at the time of collection. The same applies to stamp duty, also known as substitute tax, and for periodic communications.

The option that allows you to change the amount of the installment is really worthy of attention, since when the applicant or the family finds himself having to face unexpected expenses or having spent more of the income, Findomestic allows you to lower the installment amount, so that individual and collective needs are not affected much.

Extremely positive feedback also for the option that allows the installment to be skipped. Then, of course, the monthly payment is paid off later. In essence, recovered. Conditio sine qua non to take advantage of the installment jump, is to pay the first 6. Then for example, the payment of the amount can be postponed up to 3 times. All this, of course, at no cost.

Loan insurance certainly deserves a special mention. Let’s say a priori that signing this policy is not absolutely mandatory. However, many take advantage of it both to protect their investment and to safeguard the repayment of the installment, from unforeseen situations that could complicate the balance, even to the point of jeopardizing it: the loss of a job is part of the classic risky situations. The same applies to cases of permanent disability (equal to or greater than 60 percentage points) and death.

For this reason, in a highly uncertain economic period, many people prefer to pay slightly more for this policy when they request even small Findomestic loans, but have greater peace of mind.

Finally, the speed of delivery of the requested amount also plays a role of primary importance in this context. Typically, it takes a few days for the amount required in choosing the Findomestic small loans to be disbursed to your bank account. Once the necessary checks have been made, if there are no hitches, a couple of days are enough to obtain the required sum instantly. And from that point the payment of the balance begins.


With reference to the speech on small loans Findomestic, it is good to always refer to the simulation tool, available on the website of the financial agency belonging to the BNP Paribas group. The monthly installment to be paid must always and in any case be within your reach and, despite the maximum flexibility that distinguishes Findomestic’s commercial proposals, it is necessary to be sure that you can always pay it. Even if a whole series of unexpected events should occur.

Finally, even if it is a question of small Findomesti c loans, it is good not to delay the installment plan too much, because maybe you see it too light. It is always necessary to take into account the total cost of financing and above all the annual interest. The latter, in fact, in relation to the duration of the repayment plan, inevitably end up affecting the final cost of the loan.

However, it is always better to compare the loans through a free online comparator.

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