Prestito protestati senza cessione del quinto

When to apply for a protested loan without assigning the fifth? And above all, is it possible to do so? Let us try to answer these and other questions in this article.

Asking for a loan from a bank or a credit company is not always easy, especially if you are registered with the bad payer register or CRIF (Central Financial Intermediation Risks Office).

While government employees and company employees with an open-ended contract can apply for salary-backed loans, this type of financing is not possible for those who do not have a fixed salary guarantee.

So how do you go about it and apply for a prosthetic loan without giving up the Fifth?

Today, banks and credit institutions offer different credit formulas, which may vary depending on the bank or company to which they are addressed. In order to find the most suitable solution for your needs, it may therefore be convenient to make a preliminary investigation, evaluating all proposals and possibilities. In addition to your bank, we recommend that you first of all rely on the search engines dedicated to financing. Click on the following button:

The simplest solution: the proxy loan

One of the easiest solutions to receive a protest-protected loan without assigning the fifth is to apply for a proxy loan. This, however, unlike a salary-backed loan, can be granted at the discretion of the company for which you are working. It should be noted that this type of financing can be used for various solutions. For example, when you are registered in the register of bad payers or when you cannot use the assignment of salary because you do not have a fixed salary. Again, you can apply for when you have the assignment of the fifth for a different loan. In addition, it should be noted that the delegated loan cannot be requested by pensioners, as INPS cannot proceed to withhold two different types of instalments from the pension. Therefore, pensioners can only proceed with the request for a loan with the assignment of the fifth.

Protested promissory note loans

Another solution that makes it possible to apply for a protest-protected loan without assigning the fifth is that of bills of exchange. A bill of exchange is an enforceable title that allows its legitimate owner to demand payment of a certain amount as indicated on the bill of exchange. In addition to the sum to be received, the bill of exchange shall indicate the due date, i.e. the date on which the bill of exchange is to be collected and the precise place where it is to be collected.

In a bills of exchange loan, the bills of exchange are used to repay the monthly instalments. A bank or credit company can then grant a loan and receive a monthly payment by means of a bill of exchange as a monthly instalment. For this type of loan, it is essential to specify the due date of the bills of exchange and, above all, the place where they are to be paid. The bills of exchange loan provides a guarantee to the lender, be it a bank or another credit company.

Some advantages

Choosing a loan with promissory notes has a number of advantages: first of all, it is one of the few possibilities to receive a loan when you are protested or registered with CRIF.

In addition, it ensures a good speed of disbursement: unlike other types of loans that may take several weeks before they are approved, the promissory note loan is very quick to obtain.

Another element in favour of this type of loan for protesters without a quid pro quo is that it is not finalised. This means that no explanation will have to be given to the bank or credit company as to why the loan is being requested.

Finally, this type of loan may be requested even if there are other loans in progress.

However, it should be pointed out that, in the case of promissory notes loans, the bank or credit company to which you have approached may still ask for an additional guarantee if they do not consider the promissory notes sufficient. Later on, we will talk about the possibilities of loans without assignment of the fifth with and without a guarantor.

Protested loan without a fifth party transfer and with paycheck

When you have a paycheck, even if you are registered with CRIF you still have a better chance of having your application accepted. Of course, the first type of loan that is recommended and proposed in this case is always the loan with a fifth. However, it is not always possible to proceed with this type of loan, especially when the salary-backed loan is already used for a previous loan.

You will still be able to apply for a classic personal loan, which will allow you to receive the liquidity you need in a short time. This solution allows you to choose the duration and amount of the instalments.

Loans with and without guarantor

In certain cases, the bank or credit company to which you apply for personal financing may still require an additional guarantee. If, in fact, you are registered with CRIF despite your pay slip, it is clear that you have difficulties in honouring payments. Guarantees may also be required in the other cases described above, such as that of the promissory note loan. The guarantor’s signature is certainly the element that most allows credit institutions to decide whether or not to grant the loan.

When there is no guarantor, the chances of obtaining the financing are different, depending mainly on the amount of the loan. Small loans, for example, are more likely to be granted than larger loans. When you own real estate or other valuable assets, another way to obtain financing is to mortgage them.

In recent years, more and more banks and credit companies have been offering the possibility to apply for mortgage loans. A mortgage loan can be of different amounts depending on the type of asset on which the mortgage is taken out. It should be noted that this type of loan takes longer due to the bureaucracy required to register the mortgage. Once this part has been resolved, however, the bank or credit institution can easily proceed with the loan even to the bad payers since it will have, as security, the mortgaged asset. In case of insolvency on the part of your client, then you can recover the financed amount as well as the interest, selling the asset.

To conclude

Applying for a prosthetic loan without a fifth party transfer is not always as easy as for other types of financing, but it is still an increasingly frequent possibility. Several banks and, above all, many of the best financial credit companies offer different possibilities to allow, even bad payers, to obtain more or less extensive financing depending on the specific case, both with and without the presence of a guarantor.

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