Defense Debtors Spa: a help for those who have too many debts, opinions and reviews

Debtors’ defence is a much sought after service in recent years due to the increasingly difficult and precarious financial situation. Defense debtors spa is a service that offers support and protection to those who have found themselves in too much debt and need help from serious professionals without risking ending up in a worse situation because of the scams they can easily run into.

Debtors defense: what is it, opinions and reviews

Debt defenceWhat is debt defence? It is a debt consolidation agency that comes to the rescue in case of over-indebtedness. We are talking about a very important aid to Italian families and companies that have been forced into debt and are in a very delicate and difficult situation because they are unable to repay the debt. Unfortunately, those who find themselves in this bad situation are experiencing a moment of suffering and seriously need to be helped and protected, otherwise they risk worsening their situation and also falling into fraud. Debt protection is a reality born in 2013, we are talking about a serious and professional agency specializing in this specific sector, namely debt consolidation. It also deals with helping debtors in the renegotiation of their mortgage.

Debt consolidation: who is it for

This service is aimed at all people or small businesses that are in financial difficulties due to too many debts and are no longer able to pay back their loan instalments. More precisely, this debt consolidation service is aimed at:

  • Public or private employees on permanent or permanent contracts.
  • Self-employed, professionals, VAT number, artisans
  • Retirees
  • Small and medium activities

Many people have been in debt and have borrowed more than they can afford, or have found themselves in too much debt because their economic situation has changed. Nowadays it’s very easy and fast to apply for online loans, bills of exchange and other types of loans, but you have to be careful not to find yourself overwhelmed by installments that we can’t pay. But if it should happen, the wise thing to do is to ask for help from professionals in a serious agency and not from people who are not recommended to not find themselves dealing with usurers.

A concrete help for those who have too many debts

What can this agency do for you? Certainly consultancy and intermediation with banks and Equitalia. This is to obtain a renegotiation of the conditions or to request the instalment of your tax return, etc.. With Difesa Debitori you can have the support of:

  • lawyers for legal aspects
  • accountants for accounting and administrative
  • former bank officials

Thanks to this team of professionals you can get advice and design to protect your assets to avoid the economic difficulties lead you to make wrong and harmful choices.

Debtor protection thanks to the law 3/2012 on over-indebtedness and debt-disbursement

Over-indebtedness is one of the great benefits of the Over-indebtedness Act (Law 03/2012). This law allows people who are in a situation of severe insolvency to:

  • be able to reduce their debts considerably
  • in some cases it allows the cancellation of debts

With Defense of Debtors you can request a consultation and once the application is accepted the applicant can:

  • Restructure the debts and have an instalment in accordance with their income.
  • Access the debit payment.
  • Block executive acts.
  • Avoid the seizure of your assets
  • Get off the list of bad payers.

What can he do for you Defense Debtors?

What else can you do for debt defense? You can choose to:

  • check up to see if the rate applied to your loan, loan or mortgage is usurious.
  • find the most suitable solution among the best available at the moment

Reduce or suspend the monthly mortgage payment

Close debts with banks and financial institutions with savings from 40% to 70%.

Contributions to the tax debts of the Inland Revenue and Equitalia.

From the official website it can be seen that the savings obtained by people who have already been assisted by debtors’ defence range from 40% to 70%.

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